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Ever since we learned about Windows 10 S back in early April at Microsoft's big education event in New York City I have been wondering if I could replace my key desktop software programs with a similar app in the Windows Store.

I do a lot of image editing each day for work so I decided to start there and the app I found for some basic image work is called Photo Editor by Aviary.

Aviary developed an image editing API that could be used by app developers to incorporate these types of capabilities into their own apps however, in 2014 they were acquired by Adobe and the API was incorporated into the Adobe SDK.

That action has not impacted the ability of the Windows Store version of Aviary's Photo Editor to continue working - this is especially impressive since this app first landed in the Windows Store back in the Windows 8/8.1 days. In fact, it continues to be compatible with all Windows OS's from Windows 8 and beyond and as you will see in the screenshot gallery - it easily makes itself a target in the new Share dialog that arrived with the Windows 10 Creators Update in April.

This app could make a viable substitute for basic photo editing and, as you will see in the images, it performs the common image editing features and adds a few fun tools as well.

However, this app does not allow me to bulk resize images or work with layers which are important functions in my work. Honestly, after my searching, not sure I am going to find anything that is free in the Windows Store with that level of capability. Not even the Photoshop Express app has that ability and in some ways it has less features than Aviary's Photo Editor.

In order to get that level of capability you would need to purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements and even then there is no bulk resizing options from what I have seen.

With the inking options in Windows 10 and the solid basic feature set in the Microsoft Photos app, if Photo Editor was not free then you could use the Photos app as your basic image editing option from the Windows Store.


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