App Tour: Channel 9 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Update


Microsoft's Channel 9 is one of the best resources for learning more about the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

You will find video content about Microsoft technologies by the actual software engineers and program managers whom are building and working with that software or service plus, there is video coverage of nearly every event Microsoft conducts both online and at various venues around the world.

This new UWP app, which is available for PC, Mobile and Surface Hub has improved search, integrated sharing plus the ability to browse through various videos and place them in your queue for later viewing.

If you want watch videos while you are offline there is also an option to download videos from Channel 9 for that very purpose. You can minimize the files size by selecting between low, medium, or high quality versions of the videos.

When you are viewing a video there are also options to cast that video to a compatible device so you can view it on a large screen such as a conference room TV or similar setup. In addition, if you use your Microsoft Account to sign into the app then any videos you add to your viewing queue on one device will sync to your other devices running the Channel 9 UWP app.

Since the app is based on the Universal Windows Platform you will see in this galleries screenshots that the experience is going to be nearly the same on each device you use the app whether it is desktop or mobile based.

Link to Channel 9 in the Store


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