Reusing Browser Technology - Walkall

Description: This WALKALL sample demonstrates the use of MSHTML as a UI-less HTML parser.

More Details
To successfully walk the HTML Scripting Object Model that the parser exposes after loading the specified document, the host application must wait until MSHTML has finished loading the document. To track MSHTML's READYSTATE, the host implements a simple COM object that exposes IPropertyNotifySink. The host application connects to MSHTML using the standard connection point interfaces.

Browser/Platform Compatibility
The Walkall sample is supported in Internet Explorer 4 and Internet Explorer 5, on Win32 platforms.

Note: To compile and build the Walkall sample, you will need the Internet Explorer 5.01 Headers and Libraries, as well as the Windows 2000 Headers and Libs from the Platform SDK, and include them in your development environment.

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