Reusing Browser Technology - Driller (VB)

Description: The Driller VB sample demonstrates hosting the WebBrowser control as part of another application.

More Details

The buttons and address input are supplied by the hosting application and commands are sent to the WebBrowser control on the form. Entering a URL in the address field on the form will result in the WebBrowser control navigating to that page.
Additionally the sample shows how a hosting application can "drill" into the WebBrowser control and investigate the loaded HTML document. In this case the host walks the ALL collection of the document object of the loaded html page using Dynamic HTML and populates a list box with each element encountered.

Browser/Platform Compatibility

This sample is supported in Internet Explorer 4 and Internet Explorer 5.


The DrillVB sample is written using Visual Basic 4.0, and will also run in VB5.0. It populates a listbox with the elements that it finds on the all collection which is obtained using:
Set allCol = WebBrowser1.Document.All

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