Internet Explorer 5.5 Demos : Filters and Transitions Interactive

Description: With Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and greater, you can apply various multimedia-style visual effects to your Web page. You can implement these effects in Web pages using cascading style sheet (CSS) properties. By combining filters and transitions with basic scripting, you have a powerful tool for creating visually engaging and interactive documents. Internet Explorer 5.5 and above supports the richest variety of optimized filters.

More Details
Visual filters are extensions to CSS properties that change the display of an object's contents. In some cases, filters create simple behaviors that could be implemented as script. In other cases, a filter exceeds the capabilities of script and modifies the rendered appearance of the content of an object. Using filters simplifies the task of incorporating sophisticated effects in Web documents. Static visual filters affect the display of content, while transitions affect the way content changes in an object are displayed. The Filters and Transitions Interactive Demo demonstrates most of the Internet Explorer 5.5 filters and transitions.

Browser/Platform Compatibility
This Filters sample is supported in Internet Explorer 5.5 or later on the Microsoft Win32 platform.

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