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Dev Connections: ASP.NET Chart Control Announced

Product News from DevConnections keynote

There's not a whole lot of product news coming out of the fall DevConnections conference, with its focus on nuts and bolts problem-solving sessions. But today has been an exception. During his keynote this morning, Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president .NET Developer Platform at Microsoft, casually announced the out-of-band release of ASP.NET Chart Control for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

According to the press release, ASP.NET Chart Control, acquired from Dundas Software, is a free, full-featured chart control package allowing developers to quickly setup interactive charts and graphs for applications without having to write code. Similar functionality resulting from the technology acquisition from Dundas was released in SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Report Builder 2.0.

Check out a sample environment for ASP.NET Chart Control geared towards getting started fast. The sample environment includes more than 200 samples for both ASP.NET and Windows Forms.

More information about the news can be found on the Data Platform Insider blog.

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