Book Review: Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls

Anand Narayanaswamy reviews a detailed guide to DevExpress's controls for ASP.NET programmers

DevExpress is a leader in the development of controls for ASP.NET and Windows-based applications. A developer can make use of them without even using standard controls included with .NET Framework. You can learn how to use these controls with the help of bundled documentation and blog posts by product team members. Notwithstanding all these learning resources, Paul Kimmel, in association with Julian Bucknall and Joe Kunk, wrote Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls, which examines each and every control included with the product suite in detail. The book covers DevExpress controls oriented for ASP.NET development; if you're using the product for Windows based application development, you won't get any benefit from the book.

The first two chapters examine ASPXGridView. Chapter 3 discusses the usage of ASPXTreeList, ASPXDataView, and ASPXNewsControl. The author provides detailed coverage of the controls, which are used to create sitemaps, navigation, pop-up dialog boxes, menu, tabs, and gauges, as well as management of scheduled items. The chapters in part 2 examines the role of databases, JavaScript, CSS, and Themes-related controls and the usage of ASPXHtmlEditor and ASPXPivotGrid controls.

Part 3 examines advanced topics, such as asynchronous computing, including the usage of charts, graphs, and the xtraReports control. I must say that the authors have made an attempt to cover all the controls in detail with complete source code and screenshots. Moreover, you can install the required product suite using the CD included with the book.

I would have liked to have seen screenshots in certain places, such as on page 123, where the complete source code is provided to explain the creation of a web file system explorer. The book contains more content than I expected and is surely a must-read for DevExpress customers.

About the Book

Rating: ****
Title: Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls
Authors: Paul T. Kimmel with Julian Bucknall, Joe Kunk
Publisher: Wrox
ISBN: 978-0-470-50083-5
Price: US$39.99
Page Count: 672

About the Author
Anand Narayanaswamy
([email protected]) is a Microsoft MVP who works as an independent consultant based in Trivandrum, India. He is the author of Community Server Quickly (Packt Publishing) and runs and


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