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ASP.NET Resource Kit

Discount Web-Hosting Offers

You'll need a place to run the ASP.NET applications that you develop. An unexpected feature that the ASP.NET Resource Kit includes is Web-hosting offers from Verio, DiscountASP.NET, HostBasket,, and Internet-Fr—from as low as $10 per month.


For new ASP.NET programmers, the ASP.NET Resource Kit includes several step-by-step guides that walk you through building your first ASP.NET application. In addition, the ASP.NET Resource Kit includes a redistributable .NET Framework and Microsoft's free Web Matrix programming tool. You can use Web Matrix to build ASP.NET Web applications without buying Visual Studio .NET. The resource kit also includes a set of Data Access QuickStart Tutorials that show you how to create ASP.NET applications that access SQL Server databases.

Programming Guides

The ASP.NET Resource Kit is full of ASP.NET programming guides. It has conceptual overviews, sample book chapters, and code examples for building Web applications, Web services, mobile applications, and database-access applications. The resource kit includes starter-kit applications, including a Commerce Starter Kit for building an online shopping cart, a Reports Starter Kit that shows how to render multiple report types on the Web, and a Community Starter Kit that lets you send newsletters and create Remote Storage Service (RSS) feeds and that demonstrates how you can build a community Web site that contains article links and code downloads. Additionally, sample applications illustrate ADO.NET best practices that you can incorporate into your own applications.

Free .NET Controls

One of the best things about the new ASP.NET Resource Kit is the addition of several free third-party controls. From ComponentOne, you get a development license for ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET. ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET includes WebGrid for ASP.NET, Chart for .NET, and PayPal eCommerce for ASP.NET. Infragistics' control includes the NetAdvantage ASP.NET grid, which enhances grid control from Web applications. From n/Software, you get the IP*Works! CC ICharge credit card processing components. provides Security for ASP.NET, which ensures that no automated programs access your Web sites. Finally, from Telerik, you get the r.a.d.rotator and r.a.d.spell components, which provide Dynamic HTML (DHTML) content rotation and spell checking. If you're developing ASP.NET applications, these free controls are too valuable to pass up.

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