Websense Now Protects Citrix-based Virtual Applications

For years, Citrix has been a mainstay in the virtual application market space. Countless company rely on its technology to make centralized applications available to enterprise network users around the world. While virtualized applications can be made reasonably secure using available technology, Websense saw room for improvement.

The company recently announced that it has integrated its Websense Enterprise and Websense Web Security Suite with Citrix Presentation Server 3.0 and 4.0. Websense said that its Websense Enterprise and Websense Web Security Suite solutions are based on patented filtering technology along with the company's patent-pending Websense ThreatSeeker technology, which scans more than 595 million Web sites every week to gather threat intelligence.

"This integration is great news for customers," said John Bryan, director of business development at Citrix Systems. "\[Customers can now enjoy\] secure access to business applications, consistent with corporate policy."

The integration brings added protection to browsers, email clients, and other applications that might benefit from Web security and filtering solutions. Websense's integrated solutions protect against known and unknown threats such as spyware, malicious code, phishing, bots, and other forms of malware.

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