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Virtual Mac Rumors!

This Halloween blog entry by William Lam from a blog called virtuallyGhetto claims that Lam found over 1,200 undocumented .vmx parameters. If you're interested in virtualization at all I recommend you check it out—assuming it's true, there are quite a few hints about VMware's future strategies. Some of the parameters, for example, imply that vSphere might support hypervisors other than VMware's in the future.

The headline-grabber from the parameters is the possibility of Mac support under VMware. The blog says, "There were some text that listed the various types of host, including Mac OSX." It's possible, of course, that VMware was just being thorough, or that none of the parameters mean what they seem to, or that the whole entry is a mistake.

Personally, I'd be shocked if Apple loosens the tie between its hardware and its software. But if it happens, if Apple allows its software to run in a virtual environment, I'd take it as a sign that Apple's gunning for a place in the enterprise.

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