Q. Which console should I use to make changes to virtual machine (VM) configurations, Hyper-V Manager or Windows Failover Cluster Management?

A. Adding a Hyper-V host into a Windows Failover Cluster adds to the locations where virtual machines can be stored and where they can be managed. If you browse through a clustered Hyper-V environment, you'll find that you can make VM configurations from both the Hyper-V Manager console and the Windows Failover Cluster Management console.

So, which one is correct? Can you make VM changes from either?

This TechNet article suggests not. In it, Microsoft says that "When you change the settings of a clustered virtual machine, we recommend that you use Failover Cluster Manager instead of Hyper-V Manager."

Specifically, making changes to VM configurations should be done under Services and Applications. Right-click the VM resource and click Settings. Make your configuration changes here.

You make changes in this location is so that the cluster remains aware of Hyper-V's configurations. This becomes particularly important as VMs are migrated between hosts. If you discover that elements of your VM aren't working correctly after a Live Migration or Quick Migration, verify that you haven't been making changes from within the Hyper-V Manager console.

You may be able to resolve this issue, or at least re-synchronize what the cluster knows with what Hyper-V Manager knows, through a refresh. Do this within the Failover Cluster Management console. Look for the selection called Refresh virtual machine configuration.

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