Q: Where have Teams gone in VMware Workstation 8?

A: Until the release of VMware Workstation 8, virtual machine (VM) Teams were used as an administrative tool for grouping VMs together. By collecting VMs into a team, you could configure a shared set of startup and shutdown settings as well as the LAN segments used by member VMs.

Although the Teams feature has been removed from Workstation 8, the functionality provided by Teams hasn't. In this version, Teams are replaced by folders in the Virtual Machine Library. To use folders, simply create a folder in Workstation 8, then drag and drop VMs into that folder. VMs get powered on based on their order in the folder, with the VM at the top of the folder powering on first. The delay setting between each power-on is now a global setting, which can be found in Edit, Preferences, Workspace, Seconds between powering on multiple VMs. LAN segments and bandwidth simulations are now found in VM, Settings, Hardware tab, <Selected Network adapter>, LAN Segments

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