Q: What's new in Linux Integration Services 3.4?

A: Microsoft has released Linux Integration Services (LIS) 3.4, which provides features to Linux OSs running on Hyper-V. LIS 3.4 can be downloaded from the Microsoft download site

Major changes to 3.4 include
  • Support for Hyper-V on Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and the standalone Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012
  • Support for (x86 and x64) for RHEL 5.7,5.8,6.3 and CentOS 5.7,5.8 and 6.3. The full list of supported OSs for Hyper-V can be found at the Microsoft article "About Virtual Machines and Guest Operating Systems."  When a new Linux distribution is released, it might take some time for Microsoft to test the new distribution with Hyper-V and add it to the list, so if a new distribution is missing, check again after a month.

This LIS release is also used for the Windows Azure Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering on Linux virtual machines (VMs) for maximum performance.

One important change is the Hyper-V drivers are now part of the mainline Linux kernel, so newer Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu 12.04, can be installed in a VM and will work without any additional steps being required to install services for Hyper-V full features.

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