Q. Is there an easy way to view and manage multiple remote desktop connections in a single console?

A. The Remote Desktop Connection Manager is a great free tool that gives you easy access to all your RDP-based connections in a single console. It gives a thumbnail view of the current screen display, as shown here.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

The utility lets you configure settings for each connection to be specified, logon credentials to be used, gateway settings, and basically everything. You can configure it for each connection or define settings at a group level, and all connections will use the settings of the parent. You can save the password of the credentials, but it'll be in clear text, so think carefully before doing this. If you do save the password in the configuration, it allows one-click connectivity (if you don't already have credential pass-through configured).

The configuration file is saved as XML in a location of your choosing.

It's available for download from Microsoft.

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