Q. How can I tell which Hyper-V host is also the coordinator node?

In my last tip, I talked about why Hyper-V needs a special coordinator node to perform certain actions. While not used for every action, that coordinator node gets used during file copy operations. As a result, initiating file copies from the coordinator node can increase their speed. But how do you know which node is the coordinator node? There are a couple of ways to discover who's got the job:

1: Inside the Failover Cluster Manager console, click on the Cluster Shared Volumes link and browse through the CSVs you've created. You'll notice that each CSV has a listing for a Current Owner. The Current Owner is the coordinator node.

2: Using Windows PowerShell, you can identify the coordinator node with the Get-ClusterSharedVolume cmdlet. Look for the Node column in the results for your current coordinator node.

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