Q: How can I check if my App-V virtualized application has been optimized for streaming?

A: App-V has the ability to optimize a virtualized application for delivery via streaming, which separates the virtualized application into two feature blocks.

Feature Block 1 (FB1) includes the content required to initially launch the application and is sent to the App-V client first to allow the application to start quickly while the rest of the virtualized application, Feature Block 2 (FB2), is sent in the background and cached on the client.

To check if your virtual application is optimized for streaming, and is broken into FB1 and FB2, open the virtual application in the App-V Sequencer and look at the Properties.

If the Launch Size is less than the Package Size, then the application is optimized for streaming. (The Launch Size represents the content in FB1 and is what needs to be sent to the client to launch the application.)

The screen shot below shows an application with FB1, which is only around 10 percent of the total virtual application size. [



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