New and Improved: LabTech 2011, Disk Defrag 3.2, PowerBroker Desktops 5.0, HP t5740e Thin Client, Norton AntiVirus 2012 Beta, and More

LabTech Software Releases Remote Monitoring and Management

LabTech Software has announced the release of LabTech 2011, with new features and enhancements highlighting LabTech's commitment to the channel. Features of the solution include remote desktop, monitoring, trouble ticket tracking, user information, and support and software management.

New features include: SNMP discovery, detection, and collection; custom alerts; heads-up displays; a LabTech Marketplace to download updates, reports, and more; mobile updates; greater control over recurring maintenance; a new Patch Manager that brings all hotfix patches to a centralized location; the ability to Telnet from any LabTech agent to any IP address and keep the session open to make calls to it; and integration with ConnectWise PSA software.

"The release of LabTech 2011 introduces many new innovations to help IT solution providers better manage and automate their businesses," said LabTech Software CEO Matt Nachtrab. "One of the most powerful features in this release is the new LabTech probe with its SNMP discovery, detection, and collection capabilities. LabTech 2011 and future releases are all about helping today's IT solution providers implement powerful, robust automation solutions using a simple, easy-to-use management interface."

You can download a free trial of LabTech 2011 to test the software for yourself. To learn more, visit

Auslogics Software Releases Disk Defrag 3.2

Auslogics Software has released Disk Defrag 3.2, the latest version of its free disk defragmentation and optimization tool. According to the vendor, the product "uses advanced algorithms that turn the tool into a comprehensive hard drive defragmentation and optimization solution. All this makes Disk Defrag one of the most popular and trusted disk defragmenters available today." Version 3.2 offers improved defragmentation and free space consolidation algorithims, improved usability, GUI enhancements, a more detailed drive map, and enhancements to auto-defragmentation and scheduling. To learn more, visit

BeyondTrust Introduces PowerBroker Desktops 5.0

BeyondTrust has announced PowerBroker Desktops 5.0. New features include automatic rule generation to eliminate administrator privileges from users, updates to item-level targeting to match Microsoft Group Policy preferences, a new wizard for creating rules, a new rule to target an application for elevation rules, the ability to group rules, a library of over 100 rules, a new dashboard, and expanded wildcard use. To learn more, visit

Broadcore Expands Cloud-Based Offering with Video Bridging

Broadcore has added video bridging to its cloud-based telephony services. In addition to video conferencing, video bridging allows users to connect with and view multiple people simultaneously. Features of the video bridging include the ability to make voice or video calls from the same device, HD audio for all calls, access code and password requirements for video bridge calls, no need for hardware, and a scalable service in terms of meeting size and call frequency. To learn more, visit

HP Announces HP t5740e Thin Client

HP has announced its first thin client featuring WES7 SP1 with RDP 7.1 to enable RemoteFX, the HP t5740e Thin Client. Through a software-based implementation, integrating Microsoft RemoteFX (RFX) technology lets the HP t5740e Thin Client deliver a "local-like" user experience for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Session Host desktop and virtual desktop infrastructure customers. Remote workers can access any type of application or screen content, including rich media and 3D applications. The t5740e Thin Client also supports local applications and a full browser. To learn more, visit

PacketSentry Appliance Gives Control Across VMware

PacketMotion has announced the release of the PacketSentry Virtual Probe, which extends PacketMotion's comprehensive security solution to virtual and cloud environments. Applications monitored include databases, fileshares, web applications, and document management, among others. According to the vendor, the appliance can implement multiple controls in a single application, run as a guest VM that consumes 3-5 percent of the host's CPU, reacts to transaction patterns without the need to know specific IP addresses, and automates deployment of identity-based policy in the virtual data center. To learn more, visit

Norton Internet Security 2012 Beta Available

Norton by Symantec has released the 2012 beta versions of Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security, which are now available for free download. Improvements include performance enhancements and security updates, such as the ability to assess the safety and stability of an application before installation. The new betas also offer Insight 3.0, which is the latest version of Norton's reputation-based security technology, which identifies and blocks new malicious software based on the adoptions patterns of Symantec users. They also include SONAR 4.0 behavioral protection, which monitors running applications for suspicious behavior. To download the betas, visit or

Forum Systems Announces Unified Content Firewall

Forum Systems has announced the next generation of Web App Firewall. WAF unites threat protection, scalability, and the Federated Identity capabilities of an XML Gateway within one firewall. WAF is able to enforce decisions across identity tokens and repositories, delivering content without requiring multiple sign-ins. The product is also able to support, secure, and scale both HTML and XML data patterns. Other features include authentication and authorization for SAML-based token types, RegEx and other common filter policies, PKI management, SSL termination, and auditing and compliance reporting. To learn more, visit

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