Network Adapter Identification in Hyper-V

Q: What is network adapter identification in Windows Server vNext Hyper-V?

A: When multiple network adapters are added to a virtual machine on Hyper-V, it can be difficult to know which network adapter is connected to which virtual switch on the host. In Hyper-V vNext, it's possible to label the virtual machine NICs on the Hyper-V host; that identification can then be seen within the virtual machine. To set an identification, PowerShell must be used. The identification is specified as the Name attribute; for example:

Add-VMNetworkAdapter-VMName "VMName" -SwitchName "Intranet" -Name "IntranetNIC" -Passthru | Set-VMNetworkAdapter -DeviceNaming on

From within the virtual machine, the identification can be seen with PowerShell; for example:

Get-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty | ?{$_.DisplyName -eq "Hyper-V Network Adapter Name"} | select Name, DisplayValue

The identification can also be seen by looking inside the virtual machine at the properties of the network adapter. Look at the Hyper-V Network Adapter Name property on the Advanced tab.

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