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Keep up with your virtualization specialty and generalize, too

Last year’s VirtualizationPro Summit was my first tech conference. It was a great chance for me to get a grip on the basics of virtualization, and there was plenty of advanced, in-depth content for the attendees who knew more than me (which is to say, almost everyone).

This year, instead of a pro summit, we’re holding Virtualization Connections April 17-20 in Las Vegas, concurrent with Mobile Connections and Cloud Connections. Check out the list of speakers and the list of sessions.

If you specialize in virtualization, this conference is a good chance for you to keep up with the latest tech and to commiserate with your peers. But it’s also a good chance for you to attend sessions on mobile development and the cloud. Both of these areas are widely seen as having a strong presence in IT in the future, and attendees at one conference can attend the sessions of the others.

It never hurts to know a little extra about upcoming tech, and being well rounded in your knowledge can never be a bad thing.

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