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Greg Returns to Windows Connections with Two Top-Rated Virtualization Sessions (Plus Two More)!

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I’ve been asked back once again to present a few sessions at Windows Connections 2010, held this November 1-4 in Las Vegas, NV.  This year, I get the privilege of delivering two top-rated virtualization sessions.  Check these out:

WIN24: VDI, RDS, MED-V, and App-V: Making the Right Decision in Deploying Applications
There’s an alphabet soup of options for connecting users to applications and data. You can stream down that app. You can present it atop RDS or XenApp. You can deliver an entire desktop, either over the network or atop an existing workstation. But while the technology is exciting, the hardest part is determining when to use each approach. When is presentation better than streaming? When is a virtual desktop better than a RemoteApp, and when is VDI better for your vendor’s pocketbook than your own budget? Join virtualization expert Greg Shields for the no-nonsense facts. He’ll share his experience in right-sizing application delivery, ensuring that your users, your budget, and your employer will thank you.

WIN23: Implementing Affordable Disaster Recovery with Hyper-V and Multi-Site Clustering
You already know that Hyper-V can be an inexpensive solution for virtualization. But did you know it can also be an inexpensive solution for disaster recovery? All you need is a bit of VHD replication and an extension of your Windows Failover Cluster to a secondary site. What’s hard is correctly connecting the pieces. Join renowned Hyper-V guru Greg Shields to learn the step-by-step along with a set of smart strategies for implementation. Greg will show you the very best ways to extend a Hyper-V cluster to a DR site as well as reveal the costly mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.


Since I’m already there, I guess the conference figured they should get a bit more work out of me.  So, they’ve asked me to also present two more.  While these aren’t virtualization-focused, they’re chock full of great content you’ll also want to see!


WIN21: The Best Free Tools for Windows Desktop Administration
IT professionals are a unique group. We’re tasked with the ultimate responsibility of our business’ critical applications and data, but we’re rarely given a budget to do so. Heck, many of us aren’t even allowed to see the budget. As a result, we’re forced to either beg for tools or find them for free on the Internet. Cheapskate IT Pro Greg Shields has been collecting the very best free tools for over ten years, and wants to share those in his quiver with you! In this must-see session, Greg highlights the very best no cost Windows tools – some you’ve used, many you’ve never seen. Join this session and leave Windows Connections with a brand new toolset for solving the daily tasks in desktop administration.

WIN22: Using Free Tools to Rapidly Deploy Software in Your Environment
Running around the office with installation DVDs is a massive time waste. But investing in an automated software deployment solution can be expensive. So if you’re a small environment, how do you get software installed everywhere with a minimum of effort? Free tools along with a few nifty tricks can help. Master Packager Greg Shields shares his experience with software packaging and automated deployment in this make-your-brain-explode session. He’ll give you the secret knowledge to reconfigure virtually any piece of software for silent installation, and explain how free tools can rapidly deploy that software to anywhere you need.


Obviously, I’m not the only one presenting.  Windows Connections attracts many of the other great writers and speakers you know and trust like Don Jones, Sean Deuby, Alan Sugano, Mike Danseglio, and others!

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