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Unleash the Power of PowerPivot

As Microsoft readies it's flagship self-service product Panorama is about to release the industry's first extension of PowerPivot. Panorama is the founding company of the original technology that powers SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Since selling it's OLAP technology to Microsoft the company has become a premier provider of business intelligence solutions that harvest the rich insights found in SSAS cubes. The company's core product line is called NovaView.

Continuing the Panorama mission, NovaView is being expanded to support to the new IMBI cubes built by PowerPivot. NovaView will also provide enterprise-ready features for PowerPivot. Used together, the Microsoft BI suite and NovaView will provide a complete end-to-end BI solution.

Join myself and Panorama on April 20 for a live webinar that will demonstrate the industry's first enterprise-grade extension of PowerPivot.

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