Microsoft's UWP Community Toolkit Upgraded to Version 2.0;

I have told you about the Community UWP Toolkit a few times over the last year and now it has reached version 2.0.

It is an open source tool built for developers by the developer community and in this past year there have been seven total releases of the app. There are over 100 contributors to this toolkit and it has been downloaded 250K times.

The basic premise of the toolkit is to provide code examples that developers can use within their own UWP apps to gain access to implement UWP app features. These samples range from Controls, Notifications, Animations, Services, Helpers, Extensions, and Developer Tools.

The app shows you the actual item you are coding alongside of the code that creates the item.

It is easy to navigate the app to find what you are looking for using categories and search.

In this update, work has been done to prepare the app to show developers how to add elements of the new Fluent Design Language that Microsoft announced back at Build 2017 plus new items that are available in the upcoming Fall Creators Update.

There is a new landing page that highlights recent samples you have accessed and also provides links to the toolkit's release notes and other information from Microsoft about the development of UWP apps.

A new navigation system has been provided as well across the top of the app which makes it easier to find the code sample you are looking for.

Beyond these updates, the toolkit has also recieved several new and updated code samples:

-- Added InAppNotification control – a control to show local notifications in app

-- Added TextToolbar control – text editing control that enables easy rich text and Markdown formatting

-- Updated Expander to support all orientations and added LayoutTranformControl from the WinRT XAML Toolkit

-- Updated Menu to support underline characters, orientation and many other improvements

You can download the Community UWP Toolkit Version 2.0 from the Windows Store and it works on Xbox One, HoloLens, PC, and Mobile Devices.



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