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Ignite 2017: Recommended Viewing for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Developers

Last week Microsoft hosted over 25,000 attendees for their annual Microsoft Ignite conference.

While this conference is primarily targeted at IT Pros and business decision makers, there was plenty of content for developers to add to what was presented back in May of this year during Build 2017 - Microsoft's annual gathering for developers.

Since breakout sessions from Ignite are all posted online from last week, I am digging through those sessions and over the next couple of weeks will curate some recommended viewing in various developer areas.

Today lists begins with content directed at those developers who are working with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Each session has the video and the presenters slide-deck and each can be downloaded for offline use as well.

Key UWP Sessions from Microsoft Ignite 2017

The core value of Windows 10 apps in the enterprise

Traditional Win32 applications present numerous challenges and complications for enterprises. This session dives into how your company can benefit from Windows 10 packaged apps and the Universal Windows Platform. Packaged apps are the foundation of modern app management in Windows 10. We discuss the key design elements of a packaged app and how it provides value to enterprises. We show how packaged apps improve app deployment and manageability in an enterprise. We also provide a roadmap for how you can migrate the line-of-business apps in your enterprise to package apps.

Ten things you didn't know about building .NET UWP apps in Visual Studio 2017

With the upcoming release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, .NET Standard 2.0, and Visual Studio 2017, there is a lot going on in the world of .NET UWP development including Windows Template Studio. This demo-heavy session is designed for you to keep up to date with changes in Visual Studio 2017 and Windows for you to be the most productive UWP developer that you can be. We’ve been making improvements that impact all development scenarios – from getting started and installation, all the way to tools that help you test and publish your apps. Along the way, we’ll show you tips and tricks to accelerate your UWP development.

Get more from your existing enterprise apps on Windows 10 with efficient deployment and DevOps

Windows 10 provides powerful new capabilities for enterprise applications. In this session we will show you how your current applications can benefit from these new Windows 10 features and the Universal Windows Platform. We will cover the Desktop Bridge, modern deployment, the Windows Store for Business, accessing UWP APIs, UI and other features from Win32 apps, and combining Win32 and UWP components.

Build powerful new applications for the enterprise on Windows 10 with the Universal Windows Platform

Windows 10 provides powerful new capabilities for enterprise applications. Features like highly efficient deployment of packaged apps, push notifications when your app is not running, providing services to other apps, componentizing your monolithic apps, and having apps that don’t break other apps or the system are just some of the core values enterprises gain as they adopt Windows 10. In this session, learn how to build powerful UWP applications for your enterprise that can take advantage of all new Windows 10 features and capabilities. We also show how to reuse existing code investments in your new app projects, and how to integrate and interop with existing applications on your desktop such as Microsoft Office and others.

Office development: Authentication demystified

Tokens and Scopes and Protocols, Oh My! Come to this session to discover how easy it is to use the MSAL SDK to connect your applications and Office Add-ins to the Microsoft Graph, without any need to become a protocol expert. No matter what platform or dev stack you are targeting, you’ll be surprised by how little code it takes to authenticate users and take advantage of Microsoft’s rich cloud API. We cover a lot of great MSAL-focused tech, including MSAL.NET for UWP, Desktop and Xamarin, MSAL.NET for Agave plug-ins and MSAL JS. We also touch on MSAL for iOS and Android. It goes without saying – but we’ll say it anyway – that we also talk about Microsoft Graph!


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