Tip: Bulk-Load Support for XML Files

Most of us know that SQL Server 2000 ships with rich support for manipulating XML data, but many SQL Server professionals seem unaware that Microsoft initially distributed XML for SQL Server 2000 Web Release 1 (WR1) in January 2001. Microsoft recognizes that SQL Server's XML support needs to be refreshed frequently to ensure that it's up-to-date with the rich XML support emerging in other Microsoft tools. However, the next major release of SQL Server is still more than a year away. Therefore, Microsoft has announced that the company will ship several Web-only releases of SQL Server XML support. Microsoft fully supports XML for SQL Server 2000 WR1 and considers the release part of the core shipping version of SQL Server 2000. The Web release adds several new features, including support for bulk load of XML data. You can download the Web-only release from the SQL Server Developer Center at http://msdn.microsoft.com/sqlserver. Microsoft has also released XML for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Web Release 2 beta 1, which will probably be the shipping version by the time you read this tip.

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