What is Migration Tool for Netware?

A. This is a tool to allow you to migrate user and group accounts as well as login scripts, files and directories from Netware servers to a PDC or BDC.

  • Transfers accounts, including login and station restrictions
  • Transfers login scripts
  • Control how user/group names are moved
  • Set passwords on accounts as they get moved
  • Control which restrictions/rights are moved
  • Create an appropriate volume for Netware users
  • Choose the directories and files you want to move
  • Choose target destination for directories and files
  • Transfers EFFECTIVE rights on directories and files

This tool is located under the Administrative Tools program group and is called "Migration tool for NetWare". When run you have to select the NetWare server to convert and the NT service to convert the information into. Also you have to select a prefix for the NetWare users and groups, nw_, is the norm. Once the migration starts it may take a long time depending on the number of records.

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