Reader to Reader - Exchange Server and Outlook Solutions - 01 Feb 1999

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In "Modifying AutoAccept Script for Exchange 5.5" (October 1998), I wrote about my company's revision to Microsoft's sample script for scheduling resources such as meeting rooms. Our modification lets you modify the duration of the time slot you're reserving. Since October, however, Microsoft has released a revised script that is more robust than our script. You can obtain Microsoft's new script in the article "Updated AutoAccept Event Script" (

This new script doesn't seem to have any practical limitation to the length of the requested meeting, and it processes recurring meeting requests properly. However, if any meeting requests are in the resource's Inbox when you install the script, the script will process them, no matter how old the requests are. To keep Outlook from processing old meeting requests, delete any old requests in the Inbox, without deleting the meeting in the calendar, before you install the script.

In addition, Microsoft has introduced a trick in Outlook 98 for installing scripts. The Microsoft article "Agents Tab Not Displayed in Folder Properties" ( explains the technique. To enable the server scripting add-in that the article outlines,

  1. Choose Options from the Tools menu.
  2. Select the Other tab.
  3. Choose Advanced Options, then Add-In Manager.
  4. Select the Server Scripting check box, then click OK.

(Tony Redmond gives more information about installing the Scripting Agent in "Closing the Messaging and Groupware Gap with Exchange 5.5's Scripting Agent," Windows NT Magazine, March 1998.)

Clarification About Folder Size

Ric Liang's tip in the January 1999 Reader to Reader department about using the Folder List view to display the size of a mailbox works only in Outlook 98; the Folder Size option isn't available in Outlook 97.

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