Why you should get on theOps Manager 2012 CEP - 27 Jul 2011

The Operations Manager 2012 Community Evaluation Program (CEP) is still open for applicants. CEPs involve regular hour long meetings where the product team takes you through the features of the new product and gives you access to a special form where any questions you have about the product will be answered. If you want to get a guided tour of all the new features of Operations Manager 2012 before the product releases next year, you should get involved with the Ops Mgr CEP.

The initial topic list involves the following:

  • Deploying Ops Mgr 2012 and upgrading from Ops Mgr 2007 R2. Presented by Rob Kuehfus and Nishtha Soni
  • RMS Removal and Pooling.Presented by Rob Kuehfus and Nishtha Soni
  • Configuration Service. Presented by Vitaly Filimonov
  • Dashboard visualization with widgets, alerts, performance metrics and state. Presented by Ake Pettersson and Dale Koetke
  • Performance and Reliability driven SLAs with Application Performance Management. Presented by Michael Guthrie
  • Network Monitoring. Presented by Vishnu Nath
  • Cross Platform – JEE & Unix/Linux (tomcat, websphere, apache, jbos). Presented by Peiron Liu and Kris Bash

You can sign up for the Ops Mgr 2012 CEP through the following page https://connect.microsoft.com/site1211

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