System Center Technical Preview Retires Some Features and Products

System Center Technical Preview Retires Some Features and Products

In preparation for the Technical Preview for System Center, Microsoft has made a couple documents available that are important to sift through. You can read them here:

Of particular interest to me, and most likely other System Center aficionados, is how the Technical Preview will retire certain products and merge

  • App Controller – App Controller has been replaced by functionality in the Windows Azure Pack.
  • VMM Support for Vmware vCenter and Citrix XenServer – Citrix support is gone completely, while only versions 5.5 and 5.8 of Vmware vCenter is now support.
  • System Center Service Manager governance support – Microsoft is getting out of the governance model, and suggests simply utilizing a governance partner for your System Center needs.
  • Server App-V – the functionality for Server App-V support has been replaced with template-based migrations.
  • Cloud Services Process Pack (CSPP) – CSPP for Service Manager is now available as Windows Azure Pack functionality.
  • Management Pack Creation with Visio – I'm not sure how many people used this anyway, but you can no longer utilize Visio for management pack authoring. Instead, Microsoft is promoting a partner solution: Silect's free MP Author

P.S. A Technical Preview for System Center Configuration Manager is not included in the first round of beta releases, and won't show up until sometime in early 2015.

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