System Center Configuration Manager Updates Hit Whiplash Speed

System Center Configuration Manager Updates Hit Whiplash Speed

Just 10 days ago on December 8, Microsoft delivered the next version of System Center Configuration Manager as Build 1511. I noted at the time of the announcement that the 1511 naming was a step outside of the norm, considering Microsoft’s build numbers are created based on a year-month naming scheme. Hence, 1511 should have actually released in November (15-11). I also noted that we should be prepared for another update in December so the System Center team could fix up the error.

Today, Microsoft has announced that Build 1512 is now available in Technical Preview and live for Enterprises to download. That’s just 10 days off the original launch. Some have joked that Windows 10 Insider Builds will hit “ludicrous” speed in January as Microsoft has promised new client OS betas delivered at an increased pace, but a consistent 10-day update turnaround might eventually require new adjectives for speed to be invented.

Here’s a couple new features to look for in Build 1512:

  • Windows 10 Device Health Attestation support - With this preview, customers are able to view the status of Windows 10 Device Health Attestation in the Configuration Manager console, to ensure that client computers have trustworthy BIOS, TPM, and boot software.
  • User acceptance of terms and conditions – In this preview, customers who use Configuration Manager integrated with Microsoft Intune (hybrid) can view which users have accepted the terms and conditions configured by IT and which users have not, directly from the Configuration Manager console.

Source: Microsoft

It’s interesting times for sure. Enterprises generally move at a methodical pace, but the new, quickened update cadence is like sticking a Vespa scooter on the Autobahn, or asking businesses to go 100mph in a 35mph zone.

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