Released Just a Month Ago, SQL Server Management Pack Updated to Fix Bugs

Released Just a Month Ago, SQL Server Management Pack Updated to Fix Bugs

Roughly a month ago, an updated version of the SQL Server Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager was released. Now, just a short time later, a new version has been made available that fixes some reported bugs.

Running a bug-laden Management Pack can have a serious impact on Operations Manager's ability to provide monitoring and proactive management of the environment. In this case, that environment is SQL Server, which is a critical piece of a company's application and service infrastructure. So, it's a good recommendation to update your Operations Manager environment to this latest update. And, really, it's just a good practice to always be running the most up-to-date Management Pack.

The following bugs are fixed in the latest release:

  • Fixed CPU Utilization Monitor
  • Fixed SQL Server seed discovery for WoW64 environments
  • Alert severity of Average Wait Time Monitor was changed to Warning, added consecutive sampling to reduce noise, threshold was changed to 250
  • Alert severity of SQL Re-Compilation monitor was changed to Warning, threshold was changed to 25. The monitor was disabled by default

You can download the fixed Management Pack from here: System Center Management Pack for SQL Server

The update brings the Management Pack to version


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