Online Tool to Help Fix Software Update Issues with Configuration Manager 2012

Online Tool to Help Fix Software Update Issues with Configuration Manager 2012

Earlier this month, Microsoft released a fabulous online tool to help identify and fix problems for Windows Update clients. The tool, buried as a support document in Microsoft's Knowledge Base, is an interactive walkthrough, asking questions and acting on your answers. It's a very useful way of providing support documents, and I was hoping this wouldn't be the last attempt.

So, it now looks like we could see many more of these types of interactive KB support articles, as a new one has released that walks through troubleshooting software update synchronization issues for Configuration Manager 2012.

You can find the new walkthrough here: Guided walkthrough for troubleshooting ConfigMgr 2012 software update synchronization issues

Of course, there is a limit to the tools. They are limited because the walkthrough only contains known (by Microsoft) resolutions, even though those are plentiful. But, as new solutions are found, they will be added to the workflow so you can expect the walkthroughs to be built out on a massive (and valuable) scale. Currently, if you step all the way through without a resolution, the guiding component will suggest that you either use their web-based forums or call support.

Another great feature is that if you have to step away and close the support page, you can choose to save your progress to come back later without having to start all over.


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