New Guided Walkthrough Covers PXE boot issues for Configuration Manager 2012

New Guided Walkthrough Covers PXE boot issues for Configuration Manager 2012

The hits keep coming.

I've already covered the currently available "guided walkthroughs" that Microsoft has created.

These fantastic troubleshooting tools, are available within the Microsoft Knowledge Base, and give users branched responses based on input.

Microsoft has now released a new guided walkthrough, this time for Troubleshooting PXE boot issues with Configuration Manager 2012. PXE problems are one of the more comment issues faced by ConfigMgr admins trying to deliver updates and images to systems without an installed OS. PXE, or the Preboot Execution Environment, is an industry standard, developed by Intel, that enables administrators to connect to the firmware and perform commands for updating the remote system.

As with the previous guided walkthroughs, when a provided step solves the problem, you're met with a Success page and asked to provide feedback. And, if you step all the way through without a resolution, Microsoft will suggest that you either use their web-based forums or call support. If you have to step away and close the support page, you can also choose to save your current progress to come back later without having to start all over.

You can find the new one here: Guided Walkthrough for Troubleshooting PXE boot issues in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

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