MDT Factory: Designed to Simplify Reference Image Creation

MDT Factory: Designed to Simplify Reference Image Creation

Recently converted to a consultant, Nickolaj Andersen identified customer pains around creating reference Windows images for deployments so he spent the last 2 month developing a new tool to help simplify the process. What resulted is the MDT Factory Tool.

Release as version 1.0.0, MDT Factory is a GUI that automates the creation of reference images. With just a few quick configuration selections, MDT Factory creates the complete image (ISO), which can then be imported into a virtual machine to export to a standard WIM file for importing into System Center Configuration Manager.

If you're already comfortable with reference image creation using MDT, MDT Factory could simplify your life. And, if you're still unfamiliar with using MDT, the tool could get you up and running in no time, without having to learn the ins-and-outs of reference image creation the Microsoft way. Nickolaj suggests that his tool is perfect for those that haven't yet figured out how to create reference images.

Full details on using the tool is available from Nickolaj's web site: MDT Factory Tool 1.0.0 Documentation

And, the tool itself can be downloaded from the TechNet Gallery: MDT Factory Tool 1.0.0

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