DPM Gets its Own Guided Walkthrough

DPM Gets its Own Guided Walkthrough

It started at the beginning of September. Microsoft started rolling out special KB articles that provide extra functionality and better value than the KB articles of the past. I was hoping they would continue to produce these, and it looks like they are on target to do so.

A new guided walkthrough has just released, and this one is dedicated to resolving common issues plaguing the System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) console. DPM, of course, is Microsoft's disk-based and tape-based solution for protecting and recovery critical data for SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, virtual servers, file servers, and even provides support for Windows desktops and laptops.

The new walkthrough is here: Guided Walkthrough for Troubleshooting Data Protection Manager console issues

Guided walkthroughs are interactive, embedded components that ask questions and act on your answers, like a decision tree. The questions and solutions are all based on common problems experienced by Microsoft support. The walkthroughs seek to help administrators troubleshoot and fix issues without having to call Microsoft support right away. Of course, many of these same issues are regularly community-sourced through email lists and online forums, but for more commonly known resolutions, the walkthroughs provide a great resource.

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