Z-SoftNet Updates Web Calendar Control

Z-SoftNet Updates Web Calendar Control

Web Calendar Control is a Web Forms ASP.NET control that allows developers to display calendar data in a variety of views, or display large calendar-related data in a calendar format. Built in .NET managed code (C#), the control uses the latest technologies built into Visual Studio.NET.

 Web Calendar Control is designed to be a powerful, versatile, and simple to use calendar control. Developers can use Web Calendar Control for ASP.NET to create fully functional calendar applications. Use the features and calendar views to display large sets of calendar-related data to create professional calendar applications.

 Web Calendar Control features different views for year/month/full week/work week/day; can highlight a day s background color; offers styling for the full overall control, as well as for buttons, day headers, week headers, and month headers; supports localization/globalization, has Visual Studio.NET Designer support, and more.

 Web Calendar Control now supports exporting to Excel, HTML, or XML. Support for visibility of the View buttons was also added. This updated version has databinding support for StartTime, EndTime, and Color data elements; allows you to enable/disable the week selector in Month View; and lets you enable/disable Day Header in any view.


Z-SoftNet LLC

Price: Single user, US$99

Web Site: http://www.zsoftnet.com


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