XML Validator

Description: This sample web page allows you to enter in the URL of an XML document and both parse and validate that document. This demo utilizes the new validation support (XML schemas, validateOnParse property, etc.). To run the validator on this site, enter in the following filename: "WeatherReport.xml".

The new MSXML parser that ships with Internet Explorer 5 now supports XML schemas as a way to define content models. XML data can now be validated against an XML schema.

The new validateOnParse property gives the web application builder more control over what actions are taken with the downloaded document. In some cases, validating the document may be an unnecessary step. In other cases, validation may be required.

More Details

When entering a URL, be aware that, for security reasons, you cannot access data across protocols. Therefore, if you load the page via http, you can only access data via http. The same goes for other protocols.

Browser/Platform Compatibility

This demo requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or greater on Win32 or Unix platforms.


This validator can be used with both XML schemas and DTDs.

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