Xceed Releases DataGrid for WPF v1.2

Xceed Releases DataGrid for WPF v1.2

Xceed has released version 1.2 of its Xceed DataGrid for WPF. This version has new features available exclusively with a Vanguard subscription. It also features several new standard features available free to all registered users, namely, customization and control capabilities, in addition to bug fixes.

 Vanguard subscribers have access to a variety of new advanced features. Version 1.2 of Xceed s Windows Presentation Foundation DataGrid control offers built-in printing and XPS-exporting capabilities with fully customizable progress dialogs and page layouts. Also, 14 statistical functions usable both inside and outside of a grid in any element have been added, giving the datagrid number-crunching abilities that are easy to use. Finally, a new Glass theme has been provided, which allows for branding of the datagrid: designers and developers can insert custom bitmaps while overlaying a glass effect containing the grid s user interface elements.

 In addition to having access to new advanced features, Vanguard subscribers also receive priority telephone and e-mail support. For more details on how to obtain a Vanguard subscription, contact our sales department.

 Many new standard features that let programmers modify the appearance of a datagrid have also been added to Xceed DataGrid for WPF. First, version 1.2 allows same-level groups in a grid to be configured to use the same headers and footers, group-level indicator, and initial expansion setting. Second, cards in CardView can now be resized. Third, the Zune desktop theme adds to the current set of standard themes, allowing the datagrid to integrate more seamlessly with the end-user s chosen desktop theme. Finally, a project template for Visual Studio is provided that sets up a new theme project for creating custom themes (a tutorial on creating custom themes is included to help designers and programmers get started quickly). Additionally, version 1.2 of Xceed DataGrid for WPF gives developers programmatic control over expanding and collapsing groups.

 All registered users of Xceed DataGrid for WPF can take advantage of the new standard features, in addition to the bug fixes, at no cost. Users of versions prior to version 1.2 can update their license key by visiting the product s registration page on the company s Web site.

 An interactive XBAP demo of Xceed DataGrid for WPF, available on the company s Web site, has been updated to demonstrate the expanded feature set of version 1.2.

 Using Xceed s WPF grid control, developers can create software that presents data and lets end-users edit it in any 2D or 3D layout imaginable, such as 3D rolodex, carousel, or timeline views. Traditional Outlook-style table and card views are included with the product.

 Xceed DataGrid for WPF is licensed for free, with an unlimited number of licenses being made available per company. Once registered, the grid control can be used indefinitely. Free bug fixes and updates will be released on a regular basis. Community support is available in Xceed s forums. Full C# and XAML source code is available in the Blueprint Edition.


Xceed Software Inc.

Web Site: http://xceed.com/


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