Xamlon Introduces Web Deployment Option for .NET Developers

Xamlon Introduces Web Deployment Option for .NET Developers

Xamlon announced Xamlon Web (beta), which enables developers to use C# or VB.NET in Visual Studio to build WinForms applications and deploy them directly to the Web without requiring the .NET runtime.

 Xamlon leverages the Macromedia Flash platform to write programs in Visual Studio, and then, from Microsoft s Intermediate Language bytecode, creates compact Macromedia Flash (SWF) files. The resulting applications can be deployed anywhere Flash is installed, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as a growing number of PDAs and cell phones. After Flash support is finalized, Xamlon Web will also be supporting DHTML and AJAX as a deployment target.

 Xamlon Web includes complete integration with Visual Studio.NET 2003, and will soon include Visual Studio.NET 2005 support. It enables developers to use the existing APIs with which they are already familiar, including WinForms, GDI+, and XML Web services.

 A key benefit of Xamlon Web is that it requires no new plug-ins. The .NET runtime is not required for deployment and the resulting application may be deployed to platforms where .NET is not even supported.

 The beta release of Xamlon Web is available for download at the company s Web site. The final 1.0 version is scheduled for release in Q4 of 2005.


Xamlon Inc.

Price: US$499 per developer.

Web Site: http://www.xamlon.com


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