Wonderware Boosts System Platform's Extensibility with DAServer Toolkit 3.0

Wonderware Boosts System Platform's Extensibility with DAServer Toolkit 3.0

Wonderware, an offering and ecosystem brand from Invensys Systems' Operations Management division, announces Wonderware DAServer Toolkit 3.0, which lets users develop customized connectivity solutions for Wonderware System Platform for instances where no protocol interface exists. The toolkit is typically used by system providers that need to connect to proprietary devices when integrating new solutions with System Platform. System Platform provides a single, scalable software platform for the SCADA, supervisory HMI, MES, and EMI software solutions needs of industrial automation and information workers.

"We listen closely to the needs of our valuable ecosystem partners and they tell us that they need easier tools to accomplish their integration projects with minimum project overhead costs," said Keith Jones, Wonderware marketing program manager. "This toolkit simplifies what once was a complex development project and now makes it an automated task. It enables developers to extend their Wonderware software solutions rapidly and with confidence."

The toolkit, which is fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, offers wizards for creating new Ethernet protocol drivers, serial protocol drivers, and an install utility that enables these components to be easily delivered and implemented where needed. The toolkit is designed to free users from the internal workings of the software system and empower them to fully leverage the integration of custom-coded DAServers with Microsoft .NET technology. You can learn more about DAServer Toolkit here.

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