Wise Installation Studio 7.0 Announced

Wise Installation Studio 7.0 Announced

Software developers and independent software vendors (ISV) must make significant investments in software testing, packaging, certification, maintenance, and support. Much of this is an exercise in futility as no ISV can test for every variable in a computing environment. Advances in virtualization technology at the application level have made a legitimate reality of what was once not possible.

 To that end, Symantec released Wise Installation Studio 7.0, which includes the ability to create, edit, manage, and distribute virtual software packages that include the free runtime version of Altiris Software Virtualization Solution. Virtualized applications run exactly like non-virtualized applications, and end users notice no difference in performance or execution. Application virtualization can help software developers by:

  • Reducing support costs.
  • Minimizing test cycles.
  • Speeding time to market.
  • Eliminating application conflicts, including future potential conflicts.
  • Improving customer satisfaction.



Price: US$1,199 per licensed user.

Web Site: http://www.wisesolutions.com/Products/Installations/WiseInstallationStudio.aspx


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