Wintellect’s Programming ASP.NET

Wintellect's Programming ASP.NET

  Wintellect announced their Programming ASP.NET course, which provides practical, hands-on instruction that explores Web Forms, Web Services, ADO.NET, and other important features of ASP.NET.

  Web Forms bring to the Web an event-driven programming model that abstracts the divide between clients and servers, and they come with a rich set of programmable server components that make rendering calendars, data grids, and other complex UI objects onto Web pages as easy as dropping controls onto a form. Web Services permit Web servers anywhere in the world to expose functionality and content to clients using SOAP and XML. ADO.NET modernizes the Active Data Object (ADO) programming model for use in the highly distributed, connectionless environment of the Web.

  The five-day Programming ASP.NET course presents all code samples in C#, but the knowledge gained from the course can be applied to any .NET programming language. For on-site deliveries at companies without lab facilities, Programming ASP.NET is also offered in a three-day version.

  Programming ASP.NET is taught by Jeff Prosise, author of Programming Windows with MFC (Microsoft Press, 1999) and John Lam, coauthor of Essential XML (Addison-Wesley, 2000).



Price: Prices are based on the number of attendees. Contact Wintellect for more information.

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:


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