Windward Studios Announces Windward Reports 3.0

Windward Studios Announces Windward Reports 3.0

Windward Studios announced Windward Reports 3.0, a J2EE report engine that uses Microsoft Word as its layout tool.

 Windward Reports works by merging any XML, SQL, or custom data source with a Word report template. It feeds data into the template to create a WYSIWYG report that can be generated in PDF, .RTF, HTML, .TXT, or multipart-MIME-e-mail format. Available as a Java library, Windward Reports runs as a standalone application or in an enterprise computing environment.

 User applications include financial statements, inventory reports, product-usage reports, purchase orders, invoices, training certificates, timesheets, and licenses. Other applications include reporting to meet requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, Patriot Act, HIPAA, Health Level Seven, Gramm-Leach-Blailey, Basel II, and other US and international acts and accords affecting financial services, real estate, government, and insurance industries.

 With version 3.0, Windward Reports is now available for use in .NET programs. Windward Reports runs as a server, providing reports to .NET clients via a client API that communicates with the server over the network. The client is written in C# but can be accessed with any .NET language.

 New to Windward Reports 3.0 is the AutoTag feature, an add-in for Word that simplifies data layout and data-source mapping. AutoTag integrates as a pull-down menu item in Word, and automates data-source mapping, database connection, and tag editing. In addition, AutoTag reduces the size of tags on the template page.


Windward Studios

Price: Starts at US$179

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