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Windows Dev News: Edge Rendering; AWS Tools; Cloud App Security; Windows 10 S App Compliance

In today's developer related news not only do we have resources from Microsoft but there is also a new set of tools for Visual Studio Team Services for those customers/developers who use Amazon Web Services in their own solutions.

In addition to the other Universal Windows Platform (UWP) articles, we also have one about improvements being made to Microsoft Edge that implements independent rendering which results in a much improved user experience on Microsoft's newest browser.

Announcing the AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

These free AWS tools are distributed via the Visual Studio Marketplace and can be used to create pipelines that are hosted in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server.

The article shows you how to install these new AWS tools for VSTS and reviews the tasks that are available for interacting with AWS cloud tools and services.

Cloud App Security new remediation feature

So many apps these days provide services to users through the various cloud providers and validating identities in a secure manner is critical to the protection of their data.

This article from the Cloud App Security Team at Microsoft helps you understand the options that are available to take action when unexpected activity might be occurring through an app connected to that service.

Whether it is access to sensitive documents from unexpected locations or attempts at taking over accounts, the measure to help combat these situations are laid out in this article.

How to validate if your application is compliant with the Windows Store polices (Windows 10 and Windows 10 S)

Any developers that are considering using the Project Centennial/Desktop bridge tools to convert their desktop Windows software to a Windows Store app will want to check out this article.

It provides instructions about using the Windows App Certification Kit (WACK) to validate those apps to insure they meet all the rules for making their way into the Windows Store.

As Windows 10 S becomes available on more devices, plus the continued growth of Windows 10 itself, moving your software into the Windows Store is a great way to find new customers and streamline your updates for the program.

Making the web smoother with independent rendering

This blog post from members of the Microsoft Edge team explains improvements made to the Edge HTMP rendering engine that improves independent rendering for web based content.

Some of the areas improvements will be seen include getting to the screen faster when processing content, allowing apps to do more per frame in the browser, providing faster vector graphics, and speeding up 2D graphics.

The Edge team covers all of the new tags that help implement these features over on the Microsoft Edge developer blog.


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