Weblocalizer: Globalization Management System

Weblocalizer: Globalization Management System

ASP.NET is a great start for preparing your pages for globalization. Weblocalizer finishes the job by:

  • Finding text that has fallen through the cracks (i.e., is not within an <asp:localize> block)
  • Internationalizing JavaScript text strings
  • Aiding the translation process with a GUI interface
  • Creating the alternate language .RESX files
  • Monitoring for changes in the source files so these changes can be sent for translation


Weblocalizer is the next generation of low-cost Globalization Management Tools. It is compatible with the TMX industry standard so you can import previously translated text and export translated text back to TMX format. Take the two-hour makeover (see how much of your site can be globalized in just two hours). Visit http://www.weblocalizer.net for details and complete documentation.



Price: US$495

Web Site: http://www.weblocalizer.net


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