WebLens Standard Released

WebLens Standard Released

Altiris announced the release of WebLens Standard, a production profiler for ASP.NET applications. WebLens Standard provides the ability to identify slow-running methods and architectural issues. WebLens provides the ability to capture ASP.NET transactions without requiring a server or IIS reboot, thereby reducing the prolonged overhead associated with other profilers.

 Additionally, WebLens Standard can be configured to capture a fixed number of transactions and return to its dormant state. This feature makes it possible for developers to send the utility to customer sites to obtain method-level information from production systems. This information can be exported to an XML file and returned to the developer for in-depth analysis.

 WebLens Standard provides details about ODBC, SQL, and Active Directory calls, including parameters sent to those calls. This information helps the developer eliminate the need to write extensive logging code to obtain this information, and provides the context of how the application was being used by the customer when it failed. WebLens also gives the developer the ability to aggregate multiple transactions to get a high view of overall application performance.

 WebLens provides complete flexibility in profiling your application, starting from any point in a transaction, such as an ASP page, serviced component, package, or class even down to the method level. WebLens interface allows the developer to identify the cause of performance issues without overloading them with too much irrelevant data.


Altiris, Inc.

Price: Visit the Web site.

Web Site: http://www.altiris.com


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