Visual Input Security

Visual Input Security

Visual Input Security provides defense against SQL injection, script injection (cross-site scripting), input tampering, and brute force attacks on your ASP.NET Web sites.

 Visual Input Security has powerful validators to catch injection attacks, a logging system to track attacks, and its Slow Down Manager impedes attackers. Visual Input Security s tools protect visible fields, hidden fields, cookies, and query strings. Its Security Analysis Report provides a full audit of each page s inputs and their security settings; it even recommends how to improve your security.

 Using Visual Input Security you can protect visible fields, hidden fields, query string parameters, and cookies; block access to pages that have received multiple attacks to slow the hacker down and reduce the resources used; log attacks in great detail and log your site s exceptions and other errors; set each field to have its own rules for allowing certain HTML tags or SQL-like statements; access tools to neutralize attacks that are not caught by validators; and customize the rules for detecting attacks.

Price: US$250

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