Updated Iron Speed Designer Released

Updated Iron Speed Designer Released

Iron Speed has released Iron Speed Designer Version 5.2, the latest version of its Web 2.0 application generator. Iron Speed Designer generates interactive data entry and reporting applications for .NET. The addition of six new page types and tabbed panels in Iron Speed Designer can help IT departments generate complex, productivity-enhancing applications out-of-the-box.


New Page Types

  • Select Record pages are designed for repetitive data entry, review, and approval applications. A single button click commits changes to the database and advances the application user to the next record to process.
  • Web Report pages are great for customer-facing applications, such as single page reports, dashboards, and other non-editable information display uses. Web report pages are ready to print, allowing application users to quickly share database information with each other and customers.
  • Table-in-Table pages present master-detail relationships in a condensed and easy-to-use format. Application users can quickly view several layers of information on a single page, eliminating the need to open multiple records.


Tabbed Detail Table Panels

New tabbed panels allow application users to access multiple table panels from a single location, simplifying page organization. The tab control maximizes screen real estate, reducing the amount of vertical scrolling required for application users to view related child tables.


Iron Speed Designer Version 5.2 System Requirements

Iron Speed Designer Version 5.2 runs on Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, and Vista. It generates .NET Web applications for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, and MySQL. These applications may be deployed on any machine running the .NET Framework.


Iron Speed, Inc.

Price: http://www.ironspeed.com/products/pricing.aspx

Web Site: http://www.ironspeed.com


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