TurboDB to Support Direct Data Access on the .NET Platform

TurboDB to Support Direct Data Access on the .NET Platform

dataWeb announced the availability of direct data access components for their embedded database engine TurboDB.NET. The new components allow developers to work with updateable server-side cursors instead of disconnected data sets.

 TurboDB is an embedded database engine that offers the power of SQL within a 1MB library without any installation or configuration on the target system. TurboDB is available for .NET, Win32, and Linux, and supports all .NET IDEs, as well as Delphi, C++Builder, and Kylix. TurboDB.NET offers integration in Visual Studio.NET, including a series of wizards and editors for first-class design-time support.

 TurboDB.NET direct data access components include a record set component similar to the ADO RecordSet, and a record set view component, which exposes the record set to the .NET WinForms data binding. The record set component enables developers to navigate within a server-side cursor and modify rows directly without worrying about delayed updates and concurrency violations. The record set view component makes it possible to bind WinForms controls to data columns in the record set via the standard .NET data binding mechanisms. Direct data access components are included in the TurboDB ADO.NET data provider.



Price: US$499; volume discounts available.

Web Site: http://www.dataweb.de


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