TurboDB Managed Available

TurboDB Managed Available

dataweb released TurboDB Managed, a .NET database engine in 100% managed code. TurboDB Managed makes it possible to execute database applications in a completely secure mode on Windows.

 A completely managed database engine has a number of advantages: It can run on any .NET platform and can therefore be ported to any Windows version, including Windows Mobile; it conforms to all .NET security measures and is executable without any special permissions, even in partially trusted environments like Web servers; and, it profits from other typical advantages of the .NET platform, like the simple installation of multiple versions in parallel and the deinstallation without leaving any traces.

 TurboDB Managed is a file-based embedded database engine for single users. It doesn t run as a separate process, but is linked as a library to the host application and is deployed together with it. The run-time library is smaller than 300KB and the end user will not notice that a relational database is working in his application. TurboDB Managed covers all the features of a genuine SQL database: SELECT statements with grouping, sorting, and sub-queries; definition language with commands for creating tables and indexes; support for primary and foreign keys; and checks. Even transactions are provided by TurboDB Managed. The database is accessed via a comprehensive ADO.NET provider, which integrates into Visual Studio through designers and DDEX.

 A free trial version is available for download at http://www.dataweb.de/en/support/downloads.html.


dataweb GmbH

Price: US$499

Web Site: http://www.dataweb.de


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