Tracking Users Interaction with Your Mobile App

Tracking Users Interaction with Your Mobile App

If you want to better understand how your users are interacting with your apps then you need to provide the means to measure those interactions within your app.

This insight will help you make changes/improvements to your app and avoid issues that might prevent users from using it.

This process is known as mobile app attribution and according to Microsoft there are two common methods currently in use:

  • Device Fingerprinting – This method uses basic information from a device to redirect a user from an ad click to an app install. Fingerprinting works by using a measurement URL that gathers data from the device to create the fingerprint.
  • Unique Identifier Matching – An attribution tool using unique identifiers will match that identifier from installs to clicks with 1:1: accuracy when passed app to app. This process is automated and done in real-time.

Microsoft has a new partnership that will help you track your apps own attribution using an additional methodology called AppsFlyer.

"AppsFlyer, an advertising attribution and marketing analytics platform, is now available for Windows 10 apps. AppsFlyer measures more than $4 billion in mobile ad spend annually for over 10,000 app marketers, agencies and brands. Their proprietary solutions measure and optimize app marketing performance across over 2,000 integrated ad networks and platforms."

Microsoft's What is app attribution post from the Building Apps blog goes on to show you how to integrate the tracking into your app.

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